Meet Rochelle Hampton: The Super Mom

AGE: 41

HEIGHT: 5’2″

FAVORITE QUOTE:  “I want to make the rest of my life, the best of my life.”


INTEL:  Single Mother, Two sons.  Career woman:  Employed with Legal Services for Greater Miami.  Has an AA degree in Public Administration and a bachelors in public administration. She studied theatre from elementary through high school.  Rochelle has struggled with weight her entire life.  Last year she lost 40-pounds but recently, hit a plateau.  Now she’s looking for answers… thus Mission Makeover.   A religious person who regularly attends church, she believes that everything happens for a reason… Ultimately wants to get remarried.

ON WHY SHE WANTS TO BE ON MISSION MAKEOVER: I don’t want to live in this body anymore. This isn’t the body that’s going to extend my life. And I LOVE life. I love living. I love to travel and I think I’ve been kept in this body for too long– so I need the tools. If someone tells me this is what you need to do Rochelle ..this is going to help you trim this down.

FUN FACTS:  She was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. She won money and a trip! She loves to travel and has visited six countries. Enjoys jet skiing.

ON HER WEAKNESSES: Junk Food:  Oreo cookies and Sour Patch Kids. I’m a sour gummy person. My son is that way too. Like on Sunday or Saturday night, he asks ‘Mom do we have our gummies for church?’ We have to run and get our gummies for church. You know I can eat a whole bag and I buy him a bag.

ON HER MOTIVATION TO LOSE WEIGHT:  My grandmother raised me.  I lost my grandmother last year and that was like a wakeup call. This is what happens when you smoke, you eat bad, and you have to have blood pressure medicine your whole life.  And this is all a progression of the bad choices in food in everything. That was it for me.

ON NOT BEING ABLE TO COOK:    Everybody could throw down in the kitchen but me. Growing up in the house with my grandmother and my aunts, they could cook– so I came home from school and there was food there. Food just magically appeared.

ON HER LIFE: Definitely exciting, rewarding, and challenging, but I’m so blessed.


Weight Loss

Mission Makeover Weight Loss

Initial Weight: 237 lbs

Final Weight: 199 lbs

Total Weight Lost: 38 lbs

Total Inches Lost: 33

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