Meet Nicole Brown: The Pet Care Diva

AGE: 41

HEIGHT: 5’8″

FAVORITE QUOTE:  “Go big or go home.”


INTEL:  Entrepreneur: Massage Therapist for Dogs.    Has a BS in Communications.  Her weight gain began with a study trip abroad, followed by the launch of her business. Nicole helps care for her parents: Her mother has stage 4 Breast Cancer and her Father is in remission with Lymphoma.  She has a wide circle of supportive friends.  She has tried many diet plans in the past and is allergic to shellfish. She’s sensitive when it comes to dating; doesn’t want men to see her at her current weight.

ON WHY SHE WANTS TO BE ON MISSION MAKEOVER:  “I want this slap of reality. I want someone to look at me and say– ‘You know what Nicole? You’re 50 pounds overweight, you’re killing yourself. This isn’t funny anymore.’  I don’t want to waste another 8 or 10 years behind my door at home because I’m so self-conscious of my body that I don’t want to have a life. That’s not the way to live.”

FUN FACTS:  She enjoys kayaking, jogging, running the dogs at the field and volunteering at a hospital.  Recently started walking 3-miles a day and swimming. Feels her weight has kept her from “falling in love” and having a family.

ON PUTTING EVERYONE ELSE FIRST:  “I’ve put my entire life into starting a business and in my business, I give myself every day for my clients, and I’ve neglected me.  I have lost in my personal life. I’m not getting any younger, I’m not getting any smaller, and everything I’ve tried, I’ve not succeeded at.”

ON WHAT SHE’S MOST PROUD OF:  “Moving to Los Angeles at the age 21 and not knowing anyone. Conquering my first marathon.  I had lost my training team (in the crowd), and it was 34 degrees in L.A. and I did it by myself. And I probably would’ve walked away, but I did it by myself and I was really proud. Conquering that part of my life… and starting my small business.”

ON WHAT SHE DOESN’T WANT OTHERS TO KNOW ABOUT HER:  “I come across as one of the more confident human beings you can meet outside, especially when I’m in my work zone.  I love what I do and I’m good at my craft, but I am the biggest baby and I will not cry out in front of people, but I’m a crier. I cry and I’m incredibly sensitive.”


Weight Loss

Mission Makeover Weight Loss

Initial Weight: 261 lbs

Final Weight: 211 lbs

Total Weight Lost: 50 lbs

Total Inches Lost: 27

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