Meet Brandi Bostedor: The Bronzing Queen

AGE: 31

HEIGHT: 5’7″

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Live, laugh, love”


INTEL: Self-employed: owns spray-tanning business. Mother — two sons; Married.

ON BEING CHOSEN FOR MISSION MAKEOVER:  When I found out about the show… a lot of range of emotions.  Obviously excited for the opportunity. I feel like it’s the ultimate blessing for myself and this is the only time to do this journey and make a change.  And that’s a lifestyle change that’s gonna better myself and also my family.  I feel my biggest hurdle on this show would probably be discussing the emotional part of my life… the weight gain and why I haven’t gone any further. I know that there are going to be many sacrifices to be made, along with the eating habit.  It’s the schedule, the time, the motivation—the putting in of the hard work into the workouts… and of course working with all of the staff to hold me accountable. I’m ready for it.  I’m very excited and anxious. I know with anything great that’s gonna’ end and be wonderful, you have to sacrifice for it.

ON HER CAREER:   I’ve been doing this for almost 6-years now.  I do this part-time… scheduling my clients around my kids’ schedules.  A lot of people I work with are women. They have fit physiques… a lot of them are models.  I have worked with a couple of body-builders… competing.  I’m in amazement at how great their bodies are and spray-tanning definitely adds that extra to them… to feel good.  Everybody feels better tanned. … so there’s a little heartache – if I was smaller and thinner, I would have a better outlook on how people see me… and what they perceive.  In a perfect world, they would invent a spray potion that would just melt the pounds away, instantly.

ON EMOTIONAL EATING: Yes, I would consider myself an emotional eater at times.  If I’m stressed or having a down day, I would probably grab cake or ice cream.  My biggest indulgence is ice cream or milk shakes.

ON GAINING WEIGHT AND CHILDHOOD: I would say the last 10-years is when I gained the most weight after having my 2-sons  and I just became an eater who didn’t really care about what I was eating.    Growing up, I had a father who was a huge cook… and always made such big portions and meals.   Unfortunately, if you didn’t finish your dinner—you were in trouble. And of course you didn’t want to be in trouble. You finished everything on your plate.  I feel like that became a habitual thing for me… to just eat bigger meals and just grow into an adult… that’s what I’ve done now. The biggest struggles coming with this maximum weight definitely affects me emotionally and my self-esteem.  I’m a very modest person so I’ve not worn a pair of shorts or a dress in over 10-years.  Just because of that, I’m always concerned that when somebody meets me… that’s the first thing you know.  Look how big you are- so that’s  a lot of emotional stress that comes with that.

ON FAMILY AND EATING HEALTHY: I have 2 beautiful sons: Brennan and Nathan who are my life.   They’re my heart and soul, so I want to go on this journey also to help them make a lifestyle change.. and to be a better mother to them and teach them the better habits of life. We’re usually on a busy day regimen.  We tend to some nights grab something that’s quick and inexpensive… with all the preservatives… and not so healthy.  Other nights, we’ll sit down and eat grilled chicken, vegetables, potatoes… that type of thing.  For me, it’s really important that the kids learn a healthy lifestyle and get into fitness My children and husband are amazing.  They’re very supportive.  The kids tell me… ‘Oh mom… you can do it.  We have faith in you.’

ON WEIGHT LOSS ATTEMPTS: I have tried to lose weight numerous times and I would lose somewhere between 15-20-pounds, and then I would get on a regimen and go to the gym and then something wouldn’t happen.  I get discouraged –you don’t see yourself shedding the weight as quickly as you want to… you tend to get discouraged and give up on yourself.

ON BULLYING: (Her son and herself): With this journey, I definitely want to set an example for my sons… because my oldest son, Brennan has endured some type of bullying in his early years in elementary school cause he’s a bit bigger and taller than the other kids.   I dealt with that growing up… and I don’t want him to have that same complex about himself.  I want him to feel confident and encouraged that for one—bullying isn’t right.  Everybody’s beautiful, no matter what size

ON REACHING HER GOAL WEIGHT: God willing — I feel once I reach my goal weight, it’s going to be very emotional… because I haven’t ever been close to it in almost 11-years.  And I feel like it’s going to bring a lot of great opportunities for myself to mediate, network and speak to other women that have maybe been in the same situation that has hindered them—or discouraged them.  I’m just excited to see what that brings and how great that’ll be. I’m looking to lose—right now.  I’m looking to lose anywhere between 65 to about 80-pounds. My size right now is 16/18. I would love to be back down to a 9/10.  When I met my husband, I was roughly 9/10 … 11/12… and I was happy at that weight.


Weight Loss

Mission Makeover Weight Loss

Initial Weight: 270 lbs

Final Weight: 228 lbs

Total Weight Lost: 42 lbs

Total Inches Lost: 21.5

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