Meet The Season 4 Contestants


Mission Makeover Season 4 Contestant Nicole Brown

Nicole Brown – The Pet Care Diva

Nicole Brown aka “Pet Care Diva” is a massage therapist for dogs and caregiver for her ailing mom, Nicole is a caring soul who also volunteers at hospitals. She has launched several successful businesses and gives her all, each and every day, to those around her except for when it comes to herself. Nicole has a wide circle of supportive friends but feels her weight has kept her from “falling in love” and having a family and is sensitive when it comes to dating; she doesn’t want men to see her at her current weight. Nicole is ready to conquer her fears and to meet the challenge head on.

Mission Makeover Season 4 Contestant Patricia Rivera

Patricia Rivera – The Rock Star Mami

Patricia Rivera aka “Rock Star Mami” is a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids. Her kids are her life and along the way she lost her will power and motivation to take care of herself. She lost her mom and grandmother at an early age. It’s important for her get healthy, to be there for her kids, fiancé and their future. She is motivated by her upcoming wedding day and is looking forward to the challenge ahead –all with the support and inspiration from her family.

Mission Makeover Season 4 Contestant Nikki Kidd

Nikki Kidd – The Jazzy Kidd

Nikki Kidd aka “Jazzy Kidd” is a born performer who sings, writes songs and is a vocal coach. She is passionate about her art and worries that her appearance could prevent her from getting jobs. She doesn’t like what she sees in the mirror and wants to change that image. Her motivation comes from her family. Her mom struggled with weight issues only to turn it around and Nikki feels she can do the same as well as encourage her sisters, by showing them how it can be done.

Mission Makeover Season 4 Contestant Brandi Bostedor

Brandi Bostedor – The Bronzing Queen

Brandi Bostedor aka “Bronzing Queen” is a mother of two boys and has a spray tanning business. She admits her food choices for the entire family aren’t always the best they could be. Brandi wants to teach her kids about having a healthy lifestyle, no matter how busy it all gets. Their love and support will help her navigate this journey.

Mission Makeover Season 4 Contestant Rochelle Hampton

Rochelle Hampton – The Super Mom

Rochelle Hampton aka “Super Mom” a single, career woman with two sons, Rochelle was raised by her grandmother, whom she lost last year. This was Rochelle’s wake up call. Rochelle has decided she wants to enjoy her life again with travel and physical activities; but knows she needs to take better care of her body by making smarter, healthier choices. The future is bright and she wants to embrace every minute of it.

Mission Makeover Season 4 Contestant Debbi Ballard

Debbi Ballard – Sing Teach Pray

Debbi Ballard aka “Sing Teach Pray” is a cantor, mother and spiritual adviser, Debbi has been diligently building a business and working within the community. She has completely dedicated herself to her family and friends; she just hasn’t committed the same time and passion to herself. Now, however, is the time!! She is ready and looking to succeed.