Meet Victoria Brooks

At 26 years old, Victoria is the youngest of the team, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t packed her life with a lot of experiences so far. As a teenager she tried out for American Idol. In early 2013 she made the cross country trek – all by herself — from South Dakota to Florida and landed a job as an Admissions Advisor. Her weight crept up through as she succumbed to emotional eating and the constant food at family functions.

In the past couple of years, Victoria has endured a string of tragic events — her mom’s massive stroke, then 5 months later their house burned down, and a month after that her dad was diagnosed with colon cancer, all compounding her battle against her “freneny” which she admits is any kind of food, good or bad. She’s ready to change and stop eating every time she’s bored, sad or stressed.

Although on the quiet side, Victoria says loud and clear that after the finale, she hopes to go back to South Dakota and wow her family and friends with her fabulous new self, then come back and go to every beach in South Florida in a 2-piece. Oh, and did we mention this very single lady wise beyond her years loves a man with an accent?

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Weight Loss

Mission Makeover Weight Loss

Initial Weight: 225 lbs

Final Weight: 183 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 42 lbs


Before & After Weight Loss Pictures of Victoria Brooks

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