Meet Sasha Israel

Together since they were 18 years old, Sasha Israel, a 36 year old CEO of her household and her husband have been through a lot and shared a lot of things – except for when he secretly submitted the application for her to be a part of Mission Makeover!

Even though this busy mother of two young sons works out regularly and is a vegetarian, for whatever reason, Sacha can’t seem to lose the weight, struggles with late night eating, has issues with drinking wine, and constantly compares herself to her thin friends. Going back in her past reveals deeper issues within her family including the trauma of her husband having brain surgery and then the stress of having 2 children 18 months apart.

Besides losing weight, and ditching the middle of the night snacking and poor self image, Sasha is ready to step it up and take her exercise and workout to the next level. Her goal is to do a half marathon and half an iron man, and of course, all with the support of her own “iron man” standing by her, like he’s done for the past 17 years.

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Weight Loss

Mission Makeover Weight Loss

Initial Weight: 180 lbs

Final Weight: 149 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 31 lbs


Before & After Weight Loss Pictures of Sasha Israel

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