Meet Hillary Newton

For Hillary, single and 30, living near the ocean and working in the hip and toney area of South Beach – life must be a breeze, right? But all that glitters is not gold for Hillary in this Gold Coast town where she is constantly surrounded by a stream of “beautiful people” who frequent the cafe where she works. She can’t help but compare herself to them and feel intimidated-creating even more insecurities about her extra weight and how she looks.

But Hillary’s insecurities go even deeper than that, and are rooted back to her childhood when her mother left when she was 9 years old, leaving her to be raised by her father. It still affects her to this day, especially in terms of weight. She learned bad eating habits from her dad, and food is comfort to soothe the pain of her childhood issues.

As an adventurous “competitor at heart” and avid lover of the ocean, Hillary is ready to ride the oncoming waves of emotional highs and lows of this journey. She wants a healthy romantic relationship, a fulfilling and successful career and to set a good example for her overweight father and sister… not to mention her dream of walking along South Beach in a new bikini with her dog Leah.

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Weight Loss

Mission Makeover Weight Loss

Initial Weight: 232 lbs

Final Weight: 192 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 40 lbs

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