Meet Deborah DiRoberto

Besides raising her family, Deborah DiRoberto, 46 year old mom of two has another burning passion…she loves to sing! As a matter of fact, she does it for a living. A self employed vocal coach, Deborah also sings at gigs like weddings and parties. But it hasn’t always been a time for celebration. She’s lost jobs because of her weight.

Deborah’s weight struggles began after her beautiful daughter, Gianna, was born. First, Deborah struggled with losing her “baby weight”, then when her daughter was little she was sick and hospitalized a lot, so Deborah coped by eating. She hasn’t lost that weight & since then and has gained more, developing some really bad habits.

Deborah is ready to stop singing the blues and get back to exercising and eating right, especially hoping to overcome her late night emotional eating of her favorite snacks — pasta and potato chips. With support from her husband of 23 years, a high note for Deborah would be to audition for a musical, wear a bikini and run a 5K.

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Weight Loss

Mission Makeover Weight Loss

Initial Weight: 205 lbs

Final Weight: 165 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 40 lbs

Before & After Weight Loss Pictures of Deborah DiRoberto

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