Jill Tracey Folmar: The Media Maven

Jill Tracey Folmar has been a media and radio personality for almost two decades. A star on South Florida radio, Jill moved west as a part of the final season of NBC’s only daytime reality show, Starting Over but now she’s back on the east coast returning to the airwaves with the syndicated radio program, The Jill Tracey Show.

Her show, Life, Love and the 411 is everything you want and need to know, however Jill admits she has a lot to learn about health and fitness. Working on her radio show, living with her mother who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, as well as a serious obsession with cupcakes Jill hasn’t had the time to make her own health a priority, but she is determined to start.

With the help of the team on Mission Makeover this 47 year old is determined to make significant changes in her lifestyle to become a healthier person behind the microphone and in front of the camera!

Before Weight Loss Pictures of Jill Tracey Folmar

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