Blanca Varela: The Motivated Mom

To Blanca Varela, 47 years young mother of 5, family means everything. Raised in Puerto Rico on a beautiful tropical island sounds like the stuff of dreams, but even so Blanca admits to a life of suffering from anxiety and depression, something many people can relate to. With the help and support system of her local family which includes her brother, sister, mother; who she refers to as “her angel” and her husband of 10 years, Blanca has worked hard to arrive at a place of acceptance and embrace the life she has been given.

The next step in her journey is taking control of her health and weight once and for all. She says she wants her outside to match her insides as she has finally learned to love herself. Her real desire to change and succeed in her weight loss endeavors is so she can spend more time with her children who are her pride and joy doing things she loves and being more active in the outdoors.

Before Weight Loss Pictures of Blanca Varela

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