Alexander Arguello: The Dancing Bride

Once upon a time, 26 year old Alexandra Arguello was proud of her fit dancer’s body and dressed to show it off. After suffering the painful loss of a loved family member, she began stress eating until it spiraled out of her control. After that she was saddened to see her fit and toned body disappear making it more and more difficult for her to continue to follow her passion of dance.

With a long standing dream of becoming a Miami Heat dancer and a deep desire to become healthy for the sake of her young son, Alexandra is determined to change her life and get her groove back. Her support system consists of her mother, her son and her very fit and active mixed martial arts fighter husband. Her immediate goal is to get back to her dancer’s weight so she and her husband can have the wedding party they never did and she can look back on the pictures with pride.

Before Weight Loss Pictures of Alexandra Arguello

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Alexandra Arguello Mission Makeover Video Diary Playlist