Online Exclusive: The Ladies Meet Dr. Andi of Truestar Health

The contestants of Mission Makeover season 3 learn more about Truestar Health from Dr. Andra Campitelli also known as Dr. Andi.  Dr. Andi is the Integrated Medical Director of Truestar Health, a leading health and wellness online resource.  Watch now as she discusses 5 key areas health:

1. Nutrition:

Truestar’s online Nutrition Program contains over 17,000 recipes personalized to you, meal plans for a wide variety of goals including gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian, and a Food Trakker to keep track of what you eat.


Discover Truestar’s cutting edge personal vitamin and supplement profiling system

3. Sleep

The Truestar Sleep Program is a profiling system to determine how to sleep better. It provides information on sleep disorders, natural sleep aids and other sleep-related topics.

4. Exercise

From fat loss to increasing muscle mass, our more than 17,000 exercise programs will take you seamlessly from one phase to the next. Truestar offers thousands of programs for children, adults and seniors.

5. Attitude

The Truestar Attitude Program will help you feel and be a better person through an easy to use, interactive goal-setting program. Included are a daily life-improvement checklist, meditation CDs, stress-reducing tips and more.