Fun In The Kitchen Zing Stevia Sweetner

Eating healthier can be a challenge but we know it’s all about making the right choices and substitutions. Today Chef Nick Stellino is back with the ladies and Nutritionist Meryl Brandwein for a little “challenging” fun in the kitchen. Last time they were together, Chef Nick showed them how to create their favorite comfort foods and beverages without sacrificing flavor using Born Sweet Zing. This stevia sweetener, made with only real ingredients has a delicious, sweet taste and in my opinion without a funny aftertaste…and today we are using the baking blend to make some very satisfying fruit and veggie muffins.

The ladies have learned a lot about substitutions so today Nicole and Rochelle along with Rochelle’s son will be given the opportunity to make their own healthy substitutions under the watchful eye of mission makeover nutritionist Meryl Brandwein. Rochelle finds a way to sneak in some vegetables into the recipe for her son Jordan while Nicole substitutes based on personal flavor preferences. Zing Stevia Sweetneer allows you to save calories without sacrificing flavor… one more weapon in the arsenal to help the ladies on their