Bored With Your Workout?

Boredom is a sure fire workout killer. It’s next to impossible to remain motivated when every step is the same every single day and you’ve become bored with your workout. Not only is it hard to get excited about your work-out, but if you do exactly the same thing every time you exercise, you’re less likely to be sculpting your body in the desired hot-body proportions! It’s awesome to have a nice six-pack set of abs but not so nice when coupled with a flabby, fat behind! And hitting the dreaded “plateau”? It’s just a matter of time if your routine is unchanging. So mix things up a little for a more thorough, overall workout you can truly enjoy!

Bored With Workout? Try some new stuff:

  • Punch through: Punch through the boredom with a punching bag. Install one in your garage or workout room and start swingin’! It’s great for your arms and even your legs as you take out some aggression with a one-two punch.
  • Toss a ball: Medicine balls are a great athletic training tool and a fun change to a exercise routine. Toss it, catch it – indoors or out, alone or with a friend. Wake up some sleepy muscles for excellent toning.
  • Rowing: Workout machines are awesome but the real thing can’t be beat. Get out the oars and set out to row across your neighborhood pond or lake. It’s terrific for arms and abs and the fresh outdoor air is a great pick-me-up.
  • Team up: Make a deal with a workout partner and hold each other accountable. Pinky-swear together that you won’t accept each other’s excuses, no matter how good they are! Try new things together!
  • Try a circuit: If you’re bored with your workout, break up the routine with 10-minute intervals. Start with the treadmill, move to the elliptical and then to the bike. Your work out will fly by and you won’t overwork any muscle group.
  • Play at the park: When the neighborhood kids are in school, you can have the park playground all to yourself! See how far you can go on the horizontal ladder or do a series of chin-ups. Enjoy the swings while you’re at it or even roller blade around the park.
  • Dance: With your favorite music playing, dance your way into a terrific cardio workout. You’ll lift your spirits, release endorphins, burn calories and tone muscles all at the same time! Dance is a full body workout from head to toe so start boogying!

By: Adriana Martin