Yup, we’re almost there, Mission Makeover Viewers! We’re just one week away from our grand finale…and believe me, when I tell you: You’re going to blown away when you see our contestants’ final reveal. They look—and are—incredible.

Before we get to that, this week’s episode has three particular things I want to write about. Not just because they are interesting to watch and were helpful to our ladies…but because they have applications to your life as well.

  1. “We Start Together and We Finish Together.” These words comprise this season’s motto and I love them because I find them so…comforting. While everyone who wants to change his or her life is on a very personal journey, support throughout it, whether via folks on the same path, external influences, or both, is a huge tool for success. Our contestants leaned hard on their coaches, families, and one another to make the incredible improvements they have, and I want you, too, to remember to surround yourself with like-minded, caring, and supportive people who truly “get it,” whenever you’re working toward a goal. Energy is contagious…encase yourself in encouragement, commitment, positivity, and kindness.
  1. The Coaches’ “Pow Wow.” As I mentioned in an early blog, some of my favorite days of filming involved sitting around with the other coaches to discuss each contestant’s strengths and challenges. I get a lot out of these sessions because everyone’s unique perspective on the ladies, based on their own personalities and expertise, is fascinating to me. As a life coach, I find it so interesting how personality traits exhibit themselves across a variety of disciplines, from fitness, to diet, to talk therapy. What I want you to take away from this particular segment is that there are huge benefits to getting YOUR “coaches” connected whenever possible so that they can better serve you. I know you don’t have Mission Makeover Coaches; but I do know you have a team of people that help take care of different facets of your health and well-being. Whenever possible and appropriate, introduce them. Perhaps your Accountant can talk to your Financial Advisor. Perhaps your Internist can meet your Trainer. When people pool their knowledge, they can take even better care of you.
  1. The “Hot Seat.” After the coaches’ “pow wow,” you saw each of our ladies in the “hot seat.” Yes, we discussed each contestant, but that’s not at all helpful unless and until we share our observations with them. We asked them some questions about their journeys to this point and about what they’ll need to achieve and maintain success going forward. Now…how about you? If you are currently working toward a goal or plan to, think about how you would respond to that question. What do YOU need to encourage and maintain YOUR success? I want you to really think about that because if you name it, you can obtain it. Everyone has specific supports and conditions he or she needs to meet their goals. What are yours? Make it happen.

I can’t wait to blog about the grand finale next week. Until then, keep watching and keep focusing on bettering yourself.

All the best,

Dr. Jessica