By Dr. Gail Pezzullo-Burgs

The Benefits of Facials

Recently, the ladies of Mission Makeover visited The Women’s Wellness Center in Boca Raton to experience a facial treatment. They have all been on a long journey to improve their health with weight loss, lifestyle changes, exercise and stress reduction. Now that they are feeling better, it is time to take care of their skin, the largest organ in the body and one that often reflects how we are feeling and what we are eating. At the Women’s Wellness Center of Boca Raton, we emphasize the importance of teaching women to care for themselves from the perspective of whole body health.

Facials should be an integral part of everyone’s healthy lifestyle plan. Facials have many benefits, some of which are obvious and others that might surprise you. Getting a facial professionally cleans the skin and removes dirt and toxins caused by pollution and our daily environment. In addition dead skin cells and any overabundance of sebum are removed revealing the new skin cells that are continuously being made.

You may be surprised to learn that facials improve the circulation to your skin. By increasing blood flow to your skin through the facial massage, oxygen and nutrients found in your blood are more able to nourish the new skin cells.  This plumps up the skin cells and enables better absorption of quality skin care products and results in the skin exhibiting a healthy glow.  The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, the skin is more hydrated and the overall result is a more youthful, relaxed and healthy appearance.

The ladies of Mission Makeover have learned how stress can be a big factor in their weight issues, their hormone imbalance and overall health. Facials are one of the many stress reduction techniques that can be used to combat the stress found in everyone’s lives. When you book a facial you are giving yourself an hour of pure uninterrupted pampering. Facial treatments feel good, relieve stress, decrease stress hormones and encourage peace of mind and contentment. A facial is performed in a relaxing environment, with soothing music, incorporating aromatherapy and allows you to escape from your busy world and unwind.

Facials are an important part of the mind, body and spirit connection. Having a healthy radiant skin will help a person feel calmer and more confident. All of these benefits can last well beyond the day of your facial. Healthy happy skin makes healthy happy ladies. When you look your best, you feel your best.

All the best,

Dr. Gail