Hello, Mission Makeover Friends:

Thanks so much for taking the time to read the blogs that I have created to accompany each week’s episode of Mission Makeover. My goal is always to give you, the home viewer (who, like our contestants, may also be trying to enhance your mental and physical health) helpful pointers to facilitate your own personal journey.

This week’s blog is a bit different, though. Rather than listing some general pointers, I want to emphasize the benefits of finding a professional therapist and/or the benefits of a life coach. If you’ve ever thought one could help you, you’re right!

I am using this week as an opportunity to discuss this strategy, because this latest episode really demonstrates more than ever before that individuals have individual needs. In “The Grit to Be Great,” our ladies defined what success means personally to them…to name their specific challenges…and, with professional guidance, to discover and implement unique solutions to combat those challenges.

There are a lot of self-help strategies that work for the masses, and trying them out is always a terrific idea. (Why not? They can make a positive difference in your life!) But, never underestimate the power of one-on-one professional help. When I’m not working on set at Mission Makeover, I’m making a significant difference in people’s lives, one client (person, family, or couple) at a time.

Here’s the thing…whoever you are, whatever you do, regardless of your age or stage of life…exploring yourself/obtaining information about yourself is key to maximizing your potential and your happiness. How do you get that information? You get it through the guidance from a professional who is trained and experienced to help you; and is trained to accommodate all of your specific complexities.

Years ago, I had a client (a teen girl) who, due to a challenging upbringing and difficult home situation, had a lot of anger to resolve. She needed to find a healthy, productive, nonthreatening way to vent; but traditional solutions such as journaling, exercise, etc. were not right for her. She was very dramatic and verbal, though; and following my suggestion, immersed herself in her school’s drama program. WHAT A DIFFERENCE that made in her life. She made new friends, found a healthy outlet for all she was feeling, and discovered a previously unexplored talent. Now, could this work for everyone? Of course not. (It wouldn’t work for me.) But it does illustrate how one-on-one therapy or life coaching can make a huge difference in a person’s life.

What is fear? Yes, it’s what we feel when we’re scared, of course. But fear is also creativity that is…blocked. When we let our fears out…by naming them, discussing them, understanding them, and finding healthy ways to cope with them…all under the care of a trained, experienced, and licensed professional…doors will open…opportunities will arise… meeting the right people at the right the time will occur. Like attracts like. The universe responds to your energy. Make sure it’s self loving and positive.

To learn more about the benefits of one-on-one life coaching or therapy, please visit my website at http://www.therapisttogo.net

Until next week,

Dr. Jessica