The AjiPure® brand represents industry leading quality and the next generation in nutritional supplementation for the holistic health and wellness industry.  AjiPure® amino acids stem from more than 100 years of clinical and scientific research, yielding unsurpassed quality and purity enjoyed by millions of people across the world.  AjiPure® presents a healthy and safe alternative to other supplements on the market which often contain impurities, banned substances and unnecessary added preservatives, carbohydrates, sugars and fats.

AjiPure® amino acids are the most trusted amino acids in the world and are used daily in cutting edge industries such as medical research, nutraceutical R&D, and hospital care for infants, adults and the elderly.  Whether you are interested in supporting your natural aging process, following a plant based diet, fueling your health and wellness needs, or just feeling great, AjiPure® is ready to fit your lifestyle.