Entrenched on their journey… it’s time to step it up for the Mission Makeover 4 Team. All work and no play create burn out. Let’s change it up! Our ladies experience new ways to exercise and avoid plateaus. They start with a trip to a special location to bond, work-out together. They take their fitness to new heights.. and get their bounce-on, at the Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Fort Lauderdale,  Florida.

Our team of experts, including Jamie Eason, Billy Beck III, and Life Coach Dr. Jessica Leon join in the fun. Later, they learn all about the benefits of olive leaf extract, along with the benefits of adding spouted grains to our list of “must-have” foods. And what better way to start your day than with yoga on the beach, with a, incredible yoga master? And last, but not least, Co-Host Julie Moran offers some words of motivation, when it comes to pushing through a plateau.

Behind the Scenes Photos

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