About Mission Makeover

Airing on Lifetime

About Mission Makeover: Mission Makeover follows the engaging and powerful journey of women on a mission of a lifetime – to completely makeover their lives through better health & wellness – from the inside out and the outside in.The series is hosted by Julie Moran and Jamie Eason and goes beyond your typical weight loss TV show. Mission Makeover starts out with several women who have a desire to makeover every aspect of their lives.  As the women progress on the show, only the most committed and determined will be chosen to move forward in the process.  During their quest to lose weight and get healthy, the women receive the guidance and the tools they need from industry experts Meryl Brandwein in nutrition, Billy Beck in fitness and Dr. Jessica Leon in lifestyle.

This seasons family dynamics will play an important role; from interesting ways to make fitness fun, to addressing the national epidemic of childhood obesity. It’s all about getting tangible results. Our aim is to bring out their “inner winner” and that means both internal and external transformations, integrating beauty, self-confidence and style into the mix.  It’s all about the journey, step by step to achieving a healthier lifestyle and inspiring viewers to do the same.

  • Format: 30 minute Reality Style TV show
  • Episodes: 13 episodes over per season
  • Broadcast: Airing on Lifetime
  • Focus: Brand/Product/Service scripted into positive solution-rich reality programming
  • Network: Lifetime
  • Setting: On Location at BrandStar Studios, women’s homes, and field locations around South Florida

Episode Rundown: After the initial phase is complete, each episode chronicles the day to day struggles, challenges and obstacles the ladies, their children, indeed the entire family face. Packed with a wealth of nutrition plans, exercise routines, fashion tips and healthy living advice, the show culminates in a transformational finale…redefining what true success really is.