Greetings, My Friends!

As I mentioned in my blog accompanying Episode 4 of Mission Makeover Season 3, the journey toward our goals is never a straight path. There are ups and downs and there are upside-downs. There are temptations we resist and there are “fallings off the wagon.” I mention this again not to be discouraging (I’m your biggest fan!), but so that you’re prepared to stay the course despite the obstacles, don’t be blindsided when challenges arise, because they will. Preparation and information enable success.

In Episode 7, we see our ladies face two inevitable weight-loss challenges: handling plateaus and managing food temptations while away from home. Sound familiar? I hear you. Stay with me.

Let me begin with weight loss plateaus. We hear about them all the time, and we watch other people struggle through them. Nevertheless, when they happen to us, they are so frustrating, so discouraging, and so often lead to a loss of willpower and control.   I went through many weight loss plateau periods during my own struggle to lose weight after giving birth to my twins.  More recently, so did my wonderful husband, Scott, who, despite being 60 pounds lighter now than when we first met, found the weight-loss process extremely slow and difficult at times.

Think weight loss plateaus won’t happen to you? Of course they will and when they do, there are two things you have to do to get through them. DON’T GIVE UP and CHANGE THINGS UP.  The below tips will help you fight weight loss plateau and not only shock your body into burning more calories, but will be healthy for your brain, your thoughts, and your soul:

7 Tips To Overcoming Weight Loss Plateau:

  1. Change your time. Shift your workout time from morning until afternoon or evening. Different scenery and different energy levels will keep you engaged.
  2. Change your location. If you’ve been working out outside, come indoors, or vice versa.
  3. Change your social situation. If you’ve been working out alone, join a supportive group, or vice versa.
  4. Change your tunes. Download some new, fun music to give you an adrenaline boost and spiritual rise.
  5. Change your schedule. Break up your routine into shorter intervals throughout the day, and keep burning calories all day long.
  6. Change your order. Try legs before arms or new moves all together.
  7. Change the little things. Try adding some little extras into each day, like choosing the stairs over the elevator, briskly walking from a far-away spot in the parking lot to the store, getting off the couch yourself instead of asking someone else to get what you want for you. These little things add up, and make a big difference in everything, including your mindset.

Above all else, always be aware of your thinking and snap back to “goal” mode. So, if, for example, you reach a plateau and start thinking, “What’s the use? I’ve done everything right and the scale hasn’t budged in two weeks…this is why I always fail,” substitute, “Oh, here’s the plateau I was expecting…everyone has them…I won’t give up…I’m worth it.”

You can do it.  As always, I’m on your side!  See you next week!

Dr. Jessica Leon